Tutorials (Episode 2) - Obtain the fonts used in Club Penguin

Hello guys! Here Sn2ckerspup!

Today we are with a new episode of the "Tutorials".

This time I bring some fonts used in Club Penguin so that they can use them for the logo of your blog, buttons, signatures or animated penguins.

Let's take a look:

Part 1: Download Fonts

First of all here I leave a list with the links so that they can download the different sources: (Click on image descriptions. that lead to the download link)

You also need to have the program: Winrar, To be able to view the source folders.

A.C.M.E EXPLOSIVE: Source used in the APS manual.

ACTION MAN: Source of the "Play Now" button

CANDOMBE: Font of the card-jitsu logo.

CREAKY FRANK:  Font used for the Halloween party logo

FOONKY HEAVY: Source used for the puffles party logo

BURBANK BIG REGULAR: Source used a lot by bloggers to create buttons or banners

Part 2: Install the fonts on your computer

Step 1: When you are in the link, and download the source, If you have google chrome the file will be in a download bar, now double click on the file.

Step 2: Now we will be in the folder

Step 3: Without closing the file, we click the start button and then click on "Computer"

Step 4: ¡We click on "Local Disk C" and then we click the folder called "Windows" to guide you through the image!

Step 5: We look for and click on the folder called "Fonts" (¡Use the image as a reference!)

Step 6: Well, now minimize the tab where we are so it looks like this.

Step 7: Now place the two tabs in this way, and click and hold the left mouse button to move the file to the other tab.

Step 8: Ready! We already have our source, now we can use it in paint, photoshop and other programs!

I hope this guide has helped you, if you missed a step, do not hesitate to share it with a comment!

¡Comment, Share and Enjoy!

¡See you in the next post!



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