Today's Updates 2/8/17 - Mega Post

¡Hello guys! ¡Here Sn2ckerspup!

¡Today three new updates arrived on the island!. ¡The new pin, the new penguin style catalog, and new music for your igloo!

Let's take a look:

1. New Penguin Style

"Cover Page" 

"First Page and Second Page" (¡The new lavender color is now available! In addition to new styles of t-shirts.)

"Third page"

"Fourth page"

"Fifth page"

¡The "Penguins at work" and "backgrounds" section was updated!

2. New Pin

The new pin has arrived, this time it is a frog standing on a water plant.  Let's see your data:

Name: Frog Pin
Ubication: The Beach
Available: From August 2 to August 16
Find it now!

¡So you will see the new pin in your playercard!

3. New Music for your igloo

And lastly they added five new songs referring to the "Adventure Party" and the " Festival of Flight!


Will the "Adventure Party", "Festival Of Flight" and "Card Jitsu", come to CPRewritten this same month?

Wow, ¡This will be great if it happens!

¡Comment, Share and Enjoy!

¡See you in the next post!



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