Important News - Do not play ClubPingu + PigeonPatrol, a hacker (Mega Post)

Hello guys! Here Sn2ckerspup!

Today I decided to make this post on a very special topic that surrounds the community, And it's very controversial at the moment. 

Is about Club Pingu, which apparently is not an unreliable CPPS:

First of all here I leave you some videos that discover that this Club Pingu:

1)  Gokhan137 Slideshow : In this video Gokhan teaches us several messages that I send to him "Marty Mcfly" (PigeonPatrol) , during his direct ones, where Marty in one of the messages literally says the following phrase "End of all CPPS" alluding to that obvious that he is the hacker. That wants to end the community. In part Patrol is an owner of Club Pingu.

2) Yoseftzvi Slideshow: In this video you see that they got into the account email of Yoselftzvi, In addition to giving us information that we have to change our passwords in Club Pingu, since having an account in that CPPS would endanger our gmail, And of course all our accounts on social networks or games.

In addition to that PigeonPatrol was previously known for hacking Club Penguin in 2015, Of course I had another Twitter profile. In which it was called "Nullrouted". Let's see your tweets:

This was on May 3, in which Pigeon in the picture is using a program called "Root".

What is "Root"?

Root is a superuser, you have site administrator rights, that is, you can change the owner or file permissions of any game. Putting the system at high risk. So yeah, Pigeon had the power to manipulate club penguin for a moment.

Let's see other tweets:

Obviously the intentions of Pigeon Patrol are already known.

This is Pigeon's most recent tweet. As you can see, it has a lot of bots filling the town of CPRewritten. Saying the phrase of "Codey Likes Nigger Coek in his Ahss", or saying "Follow Us on Twitter, XPIGEONPatrol"

So, because everything is confirmed that Pigeon Patrol is the hacker who wants to destroy all the CPPS and end the community. ¿Reasons? That's what we do not know. However we already know that uses the typical DDoS attack against CPRewritten.

What Is DDoS?

It is a denial of service attack that causes a service to be inaccessible to any user. That is what happened with CPRewritten these last days, or maybe between the month of July and August.


At the moment you can not change password in Club Pingu because the page is offline. So it is recommended that you change your email password. 

Be aware of the next attacks made by PigeonPatrol. Besides that I leave your twitter, to denounce it, do not give MG or comment their tweets, the guy would be able to hack you. In addition, he also deletes some of his tweets so that many do not see them.

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