Introduction to CP Rewritten


Now you see a page like this: Click on the option to create your penguin on the right

Then you will have to complete the following 4 fields below following the instructions!

Now update the page, you will get the same screen as before, click the "Start" button in the middle and start section with your penguin

1. The names that in the middle are the servers, which are represented by green bars that indicate how many penguins are on the server. The more bars there are, the more people are connected, and if a yellow face to the left of the name is that a friend of yours is connected!

2. The currency on the right is the place where you enter either normal codes or answers from books to earn coins or exclusive clothing

3. The yellow poster if we click shows a wider list of available servers

You are welcome!

Giving you two articles and instructions 

This is the inventory, here you can access your articles, know how many coins you have that you can win in games and of course take a look at your stamps!

Information of the bar (From left to right)

 1. Chat icon: Here you can contact through basic messages with friends, you can also use the middle bar to write your own messages

2. Emoticon icon: With this you can access a variety of emoticons to put them and let others know what your mood level.

3. Penguin Icon: Click and you can perform three actions: Sit, say / say goodbye and dance!

4. Snow icon: Click and now you can send snowballs to your friends

5. Membership icon: Click and take us to our player's playercard. This is used to edit our penguin.

6. Friend List: From here we can see our list of friends that we have added, click on the ones that appear to see their playercards

7. House icon: Click and take you to your igloo.

8. Question mark icon: Click and give you the information of your account and the option to be able to turn off the sounds

9. Newspaper: Click and you will see the last newspaper that has taken CPR in addition to their upcoming events and jokes! Among other things

10. Postcard: From here you will receive postcards of other penguins and you can send them too!

11. Message with face: Here we will see the notifications of users who want to be our friends or have accepted the friendship request we sent you

 12. Map: From here we can tour the halls of the island and explore to the maximum.
View of the island of CP from the map

                                       About your home

When we are in our igloo we are shown some icons here your information!

1. Golden Igloo: Here we can register our igloo in a contest depending on the party that is currently.

2. Padlock Icon: With this we can open or close our igloo, if we open it, anyone can enter the igloo without even knowing you, while if we close it only your friends can enter.

3. Icon of the tape: With this we can edit our igloo buying furniture and other things

And this is all you need to know about CPR, welcome to the island! This guide cost us a lot but we were able to complete it! What did you think of this post?

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