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About the Catalogs/Puffles/Pins/Rooms/Games and stamps (Maximum Guide)

!Hello Penguins! 

If they are new to CPR they have visited the indicated page! Here I will explain to you that there are all the things around us, and functions that they fulfill. This guide helps you to know everything about the environment in which you are, let's begin!


What are they?

The catalogs are those books in which we can buy objects, as they are one of the most important elements of the island, since through them we obtain the articles for both our inventory of the penguin, as our house and improvements in the games. There are some that are updated every month depending on the parties they take out, one is updated every 6 months a year, and the others are never updated or very little, since they are only improvements to the games.

Information and location of each:

1. Penguin Style:

It is located in the gift shop (Access from the center) and is the largest catalog in the whole island. Here we get through coins all the clothing related to the parties, in addition to the previous month. We can get hats, hairstyles, shoes, neck and flippers, backgrounds and banners to represent our penguin!

It is updated every month, so if you have something to buy that you like a lot, you'd better do it before it's removed!

April catalog

2. Pets:

It is located in the pet store (Access from the square) in the we can adopt the puffles! Which are very friendly pets, who will always accompany us in our adventures. They are also divided into two catalogs and are almost never updated.

Yellow: We found food, furniture and toys for our pets! Take a look but before you should have many coins ;).
Red: In the we can buy the puffles of different colors, each one is worth 800 currencies.

Picture of the catalogs in April 2017

3. Music Catalog:

It is located in the lighthouse (access from the pier or from the ski center), in the we can buy musical instruments to make a band!.

Usually almost never updated.

Picture of the catalog in April 2017

4. Hydro Hopper

It is located at the dock (access from the lighthouse and the center) In the we can buy 2 tables to improve our game and performance in the same!
Never updated.

Picture of the catalog in April 2017


5. Catchin' Waves

It is located in the bay (Access from the forest). In it we can buy up to three tables to improve our performance in the game of catchin 'waves!

Never updated.

Tip: Click on the letter A, the word "Waves" and you will get the silver table (The best of all in terms of the option to earn stamps or pass the survival mode

 6. Snow and Sports.

Located in the stadium (Access from the snowy fort) In the we can find sports clothes of soccer, hockey, figure skating and American football in addition to funds and some times something of coach or cheerleader.

Calculating, it is updated every 6 months at least.

Picture of the catalog in April 2017


7. Sled Racing.

It is located in the mountains (Access from the ski center). In it we can find three sleds which serve to improve our performance in sled racing, so if you play with your friends, buy one of these before ;).

Never updated.

Picture of the catalog in April 2017

8. Furniture of igloo

It is located in our igloo (Access from the map or from the bottom bar). In this is where we buy the improvements for our igloo, furniture, lamps, objects for the kitchen, carpets, flags and many more things besides new igloos and landscapes to edit our comfort. It's a joke! But you must have many coins.

It is updated every month!

Picture of the Catalog in April 2017

9. Costume trunk

It is located in the theater (Access from the square). In it we can buy disguises and funds referring to the work that is in the island at the moment!

It is updated every month! 

10. Ice Fishing

It is located in the refuge (Access from the ski center). In the purchase of the gray fishing rod, which serves us in the game "Ice fishing" to capture the gray fish and win all the stamps, so it is an object that we need if we want to complete 100% ice fishing

Picture of the catalog in April 2017

11. Martial Artworks

It is in the ninja hideaway! (Access from the dojo), and can only be accessed if we are already ninjas in Club Penguin Rewritten.
In this catalog we can buy some items, furniture and other things more exclusive Card Jitsu

Picture of the catalog since December 2017


What are they?

They are the pets that are on the island of CPR, which will accompany us in our adventures and will be our best friends. Remember to always take care of them since if you do not keep them for a certain amount of time they will end up going from your house.

They cost 800 coins and we can bring them to the games and earn stamps with them depending on their color.

Information and location:

It is located in the pet store which is in the square. When we are there we walk to where all the puffles are or we click to the red catalog to our right

Now, time to buy puffles! Here some information about them

When you have bought the puffle.

This is a couple of things you need to know:

When you have adopted the puffle you will receive a postcard

All right! When this in your igloo, we click, now we will have 4 options.
The ball: It causes our puffle to start playing.
The Zzz: Well it's obvious xD. It makes our puffle sleep
The cookie: She will open the menu of care of the puffle, in which for 5/10 coins we can feed or bathe.
The one of the belt: With her, we took to walk to our puffle.


What are they?

The pins are collectible objects which serve to decorate our playercard. Every month there is a new pin available, in addition some are rare having some genius.

To have them simply walk towards them. All times the CPR team hides them in a room, so lucky with the search ;)

In the section pins / flags of your inventory you find the pins you have ;)


What are they?

Stamps are collectible items that we earn as we meet a series of goals in games, activities, or other things. The truth is a fun part of the game!


First, to know how many stamps you have to click your penguin and then click on the stamp that is on your PlayerCard, when you have clicked and you will be in your album! The partners can edit their album, to see your stamps just click the button they see on the right!

Note: Guide taken from my penguin in Club Penguin

The stamps are divided into 5 categories, Events, Activities, Games, Videogames and the category of pins, and can be easy, medium, difficult or expert, as well as stamps that are only for Partners, by the way, if you are a member and want to edit your album then just click on the part where it says edit on the left side of the top! Is a little apart.

Click on a section and then place the cursor on a stamp! There will tell you that you have to do to win it, the stamps that are lit are those that you have already won and those that are not, it is because you have not yet won, certainly as you earn stamps in the different sections, you will notice that You will see photos of your penguin doing activities related to the stamps!

Finally the section of pins!, Here you can see all the pins that you have, and on that day they were taken out for the first time!

My old playercard at Club Penguin

My old album in Club Penguin


What are they?

These are all the mini-games that are distributed throughout the island. These serve to spend a good time having fun, besides earning coins and stamps for meeting certain goals inside them!

(See the collage, we will give the information of the games from left to right, passing the first column, then the second and then the third ;).

Name,information and location (Taking into account the collage):

1. System Defender: It is located in the APS / EPF. In this game our mission is to protect the system from the enemies that send a multitude of robots to destroy once and for all to the computer of the APS, through cannons that would destroy the invaders. First play the tutorial and then you can play the 6 missions that will have us ready!

2. Ice Fishing: Located in the refuge. In this game we are going to catch several fish in a certain period. Time to prepare your fishing rod because it comes to us good, catch the fish you can, avoid the crabs, jellyfish and sharks, and in the end save a fish to catch the sacred mullet and win many coins!

3. Hydro Hooper: Located on the pier. In this game we will be taken by a boat and in the way we will have to avoid the obstacles presented to us. As you go through levels, you will increase the difficulty so that the number of obstacles will be greater and will appear new (Curiosity: It is the oldest game of CP since Rockeitsnail had it in its page "Rockeitsnail Games" before CP was created "

4. Agua Grabber: Located on the iceberg. In this game we will have to complete a variety of missions that will give us. Of course, in the water we will go alone, accompanied by our pink puffle (If you have) and the special vehicle!

There are two modes (normal and sweet), in the normal we will have to look for the treasure of the white and black pearl, and in the sweet find the secrets that leaves us. In each mode there is a "Counter-clock" in which we will have to be the fastest possible. In addition to other ways you will discover after playing this classic game!

5. Puffle Roundup: Located in the pet store. In this game, we will take the role of taking the puffles to the fence, using the mouse, we surround the puffle with the keyboard on the opposite side that we want. It is a simple but fun game, time to group the puffles!

6. Jet-Pack Adventures: Located in the lighthouse. In this game we are going to have a lot of fun with a jet pack flying and passing the different levels, collecting coins and fuel to make our adventure longer. Beware of obstacles! You can take your green puffle to collect even more coins for you, or save your beak!

7. Catchin' Waves: Located in the bay. In this game we surf a good waves, opting for there are 4 modes "Tutorial" where we will learn all the basics. "Freestyle" where we can do whatever we want doing many tricks crazy. "Competition" In which 3 judges will give us the tricks we have to do to earn points and be able to stay on the podium. And "Survival" the longest way, in which we will have to reach the amount of 20,000 points to finish it and we will have the worst weather possible and many icebergs as obstacles. (We can take our red puffle to accompany us, except in survival mode)

8. Thin Ice: Located in the living room of the disco. In this mini game we will melt the ice with our black puffle on fire. You have to complete the labyrinths and take the coin bags that we find on our way. There are a total of 20 levels that await us in our adventure!

9. Cart Surfer: Located in the mine. In this game we will have to cross several ways with our cart surfer and the option to take our black puffle to accompany us. The truth is the game shorter, but great to play !. Perform the tricks you can and slip on the curves to earn more points!

10. Puffle Rescue: Located in the mine. We will rescue the puffles in this game through several obstacles and long ways. It's a long game with a section of 3 worlds! The ice, the water, and the subway! What are you going to start? As we pass the levels in each world will increase the amount of puffles to rescue!

11. Pizzatron 3000: Located in the pizza parlor. We will be cooks who will have the mission of making the best possible number of pizzas, through various ingredients that will give us. But beware, as you make more pizzas the counter bar will increase its speed so you will have to be fast. In addition, there is a little secret that allows us to play the sweet mode of this game!

12. Mancala: Located in the library. In this game we have to have the largest number of chips in our mancala through turns before the opponent does!

13. DJ3K: Located on the disk. In this game we will be in charge of being the best DJ through the varied mixes that we offer, time to shake the track!

14. Dance Contest: Located on the disk. In this game we will have a great list of songs to choose. At the time of dancing we will have to use the arrows on our keyboard, and as we go doing everything right we will be presented with combos and more penguins watching us. It has 3 levels, a multiplayer mode and a secret. Time to dance!

15. SpaceBar: Located in the living room of the disco. In this mini game we will destroy the round, long and small ships that are distributed in levels. Besides that as we go increasing in level, we will be presented with new types of ships, and some secrets out there!

16. Bean Counters: Located in the coffe shop. We'll have to catch the bags of coffee we can! Which will leave a truck, in addition the maximum number of bags that we can support in one attempt is four. And as we progress in the game we will be presented with new obstacles such as anvils and fish!

17. Fin Four: Located in the refuge and attic of the refuge. Here we will play with a friend, where our goal will be to put four balls in horizontal row, vertical diagonally and block the paths to our rival!

18. Sled Racing: Located in the mountains. In this game there are several levels to which we will access from the same mountain. It is about playing up to a maximum of 4 penguins, a race in which we will handle our sled with the arrows of the keyboard avoiding the obstacles that we present ourselves. Besides that in the parts in which we see ice we have to reach them and they will give us more speed!

19. Card-Jitsu: Located in the dojo. It is a multiplayer card game of 3 elements (Fire, water and snow) in which we must beat our rival based on intelligence and strategy and so we can gradually get on our way to being a ninja

20. Puffle Launch: The game's focus was launching puffles in the air through cannons to collect Puffle-Os that "went missing". In addition, the player also had to fight Klepto, a crab who stole parts of various machines over the island, to continue collecting the puffle's famed treats. The game was exclusively available to members for worlds 2 and 3; though all players could play world 1, whose progress would be reset back to level 1 once the game was exited.


What are they?

They are rooms that make up the whole island, in which we as players interact with others through chat or emoticons!

List (Note: All rooms will be mentioned as well as those currently not available):

  1. Town Center
  2. Coffe Shop
  3. Library
  4. Disk
  5. Living of the Disco
  6. Gift shop
  7. Square
  8. Pet Shop
  9. Theater
  10. Pizza shop
  11. Dock
  12. Beach
  13. Lighthouse
  14. Lookout
  15. Forest
  16. Bay
  17. Ski Village
  18. Sports shop
  19. Refuge
  20. Penthouse
  21. Mountain / Ski Village
  22. Outdoor Mine
  23. Mine
  24. Cave
  25. Boiler room
  26. Snowy Fort
  27. Penguin Stadium
  28. Iceberg
  29. Dojo
  30. Fire Dojo
  31. Water Dojo
  32. Snow Dojo
  33. Command Room
  34. Pirate Ship
  35. Pirate Room
  36. Pirate nest
  37. Dimension Box
  38. Cave of the Mine
  39. Hidden lake
  40. Undersea world
  41. Party
  42. Hut of the Mine
  43. Pufflistico Park
  44. Puffle Wild
  45. Skatepark
  46. College
  47. Dimension Box
  48. Refuge Attic

Information about each room (Taken from my Club Penguin blog):

Refuge Attic

You can reach the Penthouse of the refuge by the stairs that you will find in the refuge, located in the Ski Center. The attic of the refuge is the quietest room of all Club Penguin Rewritten. It is a room that has changed almost nothing since the beginning of Club Penguin Rewritten, and one of the least populated of the island.Ademas, from here we can find the box dimension


You can reach the bay using your map or through the forest, you only have to go down the stairs that are there. The bay is perfect for sitting near the campfire to tell stories or have fun as adventurous penguins. You can also have fun in the Wave Waves game, which you will find in that room.


The library is the second floor of the cafeteria. There you can play mancala with your friends or sit down and read a book. Several of the books that you will find there are very interesting, like the yearbooks with all the history of Club Penguin or the newspaper of Captain Rockhopper.

You can reach the forest using your map, or from the bay, the mine hut, the underground lake or the square. The forest is a quiet place on the island, if here we can plan to make an expedition like the real adventurers.

Mine cottage

Now, there we can find the community garden, the Skatepark and the University of CP in addition to a large tree. You can reach the mine hut from your map, the forest or the mine.

Coffe Shop

You can get to the cafe from the center. The cafe is one of Club Penguin's oldest places. From here we can relax having a coffee or reading the newspaper CP. Also, from this room we can play another of the oldest games, which is catch-bags "Watch out for the anvils!"

Town Center

The center is the main room of Club Penguin Rewritten. It is one of the oldest and is the most decorated when there is a party. From the center you can reach: the pier, the cafeteria, the disco, the gift shop and the snowy fort. Besides, you'll almost always find penguins there.

Ski Village

You can get there from the beach, the mountain, the pier, the Pingüi-Fonica Station or the refuge. There you can find a tour guide post, and from there you can become one.


The cave is the underground swimming pool. There you can have fun swimming with your friends! You can get there from the secret entrance in the square, the mine or the boiler room.


The disco is the perfect place on the island to have fun dancing! There you can find 2 games: The SuperDJ, to create music, and the game "Dance Contest", to demonstrate your skills on the track. One of the secrets of this room is that the lights change color when there are many penguins of the same color. You can reach the disk from the Boiler Room or the Center


The Dojo was always one of the most mysterious places in Club Penguin, until in 20717 a lightning struck the roof and discovered a mysterious penguin, Sensei. He taught us Card-Jitsu, and so at last the ninjas came to Club Penguin Rewritten. And with it, the Dojo changed, becoming a room for the training of ninjas. You can reach the Dojo using your map. Also, from here you can reach the Dojo of Fire, the Water Dojo and the Snow Dojo.

Water Dojo

The Water Dojo was inaugurated with the arrival of Water Card-Jitsu. It is located in the waterfall, which you can access from the ninja Hideaway, through the secret entrance. There, you can master Water Card-Jitsu and become a true Water Ninja.

Fire Dojo

The first time we could see the Fire Dojo was with the arrival of Card-Jitsu Fire. This Dojo is located on the volcano, and there the ninjas partners can become Card-Jitsu Fire masters.

Snow dojo

The Dojo Snow (Also known as Dojo Ice, or Snow Dojo) is a club penguin room that came to light in the Snow Celebration and is where Card-Jitsu Snow is played.

 Pingüi-Fonica Station/APS

You can enter this room through the ski center. This station is actually the secret command of the APS, so it is only concealed for those who want to destroy it.

Penguin Stadium

The stadium is the perfect place to play a Hockey or Football match with your friends! There are two goals and a Hockey record, which you must take to the goal of the opponent. Also, there you can find the Sports catalog, where you can get what you need for the game. And if you do not want to play, you can sit next to the stadium to observe the game. Also, this room changes every 6 months, either by a Hockey Stadium or a football, depending on what time we are.


From here You can build your own band and play on the stage, where you can hear the sound of the instruments you use! You will also find a catalog to buy instruments. And do not forget to take a look at the objects in the lighthouse ... Maybe you will find some surprise!

Snowy Fort

The snowy fort is the perfect place to build a snowball battle! You can choose your fort ... and throw snowballs on the contrary! You'll also find the clock with the official Club Penguin time ... which is boosted every time you throw a snowball at it!


The iceberg is one of the "secret" rooms of Club Penguin. You can access there using your map. In the iceberg you will find the game "Aqua grabber", with which you can go down to the depths of the ocean that surrounds Club Penguin ... and have fun playing!

Hidden lake

You can arrive from the forest or from the excavation area in the mine. There you will find great treasures and many interesting objects. In addition, an entry to the underwater world, which can only be accessed using a special key.

Living room

In the Living you can have a good time. You will find 3 different video games: Astro Barrier, Fine Ice and Nuts and Bolts. You will also find the "Da on Target", with which you can have some fun. This room was completely renovated recently, adding all the incredible things that are now.


You can reach the mine from the cave or from the mine hut. There you will find two games: Surfer Cart and Rescue Puffles. In addition, we can also enter from there to the excavation area.


The lookout is the second floor of the lighthouse. It is a very special place, there you will find the great light bulb that illuminates the island of Club Penguin. You will also find the telescope, from where you can see if Rockhopper is approaching the island.Ademas from here we can find the game Adventures in Jet-Pack

Mountain/Ski Hill

You can reach the mountain using your map or from the ski center. In the mountain you can play the game "Sled Racing", and buy articles with improvements in the catalog that you will find there. The mountain is a raised area, so you can see some places of Club Penguin from there.


The pier is one of the most spacious rooms of Club Penguin, ideal if you want to have a party with your friends and the whole community. In this room the funny thing is that it has one of the oldest games of Club Penguin, which is jumps Aquatic, which was previously in RocketSnail Games, only the protagonist was not a penguin, but a person as such. From here we can get the catalog of waterfalls, to get improvements in the game.

Undersea world

The Underwater World is an exclusive room for members (you can also enter if you already had the mossy key). And it can only be accessed if you have the mossy key, which can be earned in the partner levels of the Rescue puffles game. You can get to this room by entering the underground lake.

Courtyard of the dojo

Since before the ninjas existed, the yard of the dojo was covered with snow. After the lightning that caused the penguins to come out to see that there was outside the dojo, with the help of the Sensei they removed all the snow and discovered this incredible place to the dojo.

Pizza shop

You can get to the pizza shop through the square. There you can sit at a table and order pizza, or be the one to serve them. This room has its own music. It also has a game, the Pizzatron 3000. In this game you will have to make as many pizzas as possible without making a mistake


You can reach the beach using your map, or from the ski center or the pier. Also, from here we can access the ship from Rockhopper every Christmas !. From the beach you can enter the Lighthouse, or stay in the beach chairs.


The square is one of the central places of the island. You can reach 6 places through the square: the snowy fort, the pet store, the theater, the pizzeria, the forest and the cueva.Ideal to enjoy a good time with your friends or plan a party in your igoo


The shelter is a perfect place to spend a quiet time or to escape. There you will find the game "Ice fishing", and the "4 in a row". It also has some secret like that every 30 minutes a small bird comes out of the Cuckoo clock that is on the wall.

Control room

This room is exclusively for APS  agents. If you are already an APS agent, you can access it using your spy phone or the Pingüi-Fonica Station. In the command room you will find 2 games, which are System Defender and Spies in Action. Also from here you can do the missions of the APS to win medals.

Boiler room

In this room you can find the diaries of previous weeks, and inform you of everything that has happened. From there you can reach the disco or the pool (cave).


The shopping center of Puffitos Silvestres is a room in Club Penguin, located between the Hotel for Puffles and the Pizzeria in the Plaza, in the shopping center is the Bunker of Disguises, formerly temporarily replacing the Theater during School and Skate Party And a HerMORSA Christmas, was confirmed in the issue # 501 of Club Penguin News that this became a permanent room and replaced the Theater on June 4, 2015.

Pet Shop

This is where you find the club penguin pets called puffles, in this room we can adopt them, buy them the food and toys they need!, In this room you will find two games, Puffle in the wind and BurbuPuffle.

Gift shop

The gift shop is a very special room, since every month comes a new catalog of Fashion Penguin. This catalog has the latest clothing articles, which can be purchased by partners. In the catalog you can also find Wallpapers and Banners for your player card.

Dimension Box

The box dimension is one of the most curious places of Club Penguin, besides, it is a perfect place if you want to be alone or with friends! Since nobody would bother you. Before you could only access the room in Fiesta of April 1, but from 2015 all players can access it when we want. This room is accessed from the attic of the shelter.

And, you know all the basics!

Now that we know all the CP rooms, it's time to explore them!

Remember to comment and share this giant guide that has taken a lot of effort!

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