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 Club Penguin Rewritten Cheats™ it's a blog where you will find the tricks, guides, secret items, codes, games, curiosities, extras and other things of the Club Penguin Rewritten 100%!!

I do not know if this is the # 1 CPR blog you have, but here you can always see the latest updates on the island!

By the way, let me introduce myself if you do not know me yet, I'm Sn2ckerspup, Hispanic blogger from CP 2015-2017, soon CPI blogger and now CPR blogger. I really like designing and helping people with games that amuse them.

You can find me in CP Rewritten with the following look, remember that I will always be updating ;)

Remember to visit our sections to continue exploring the blog, besides clicking the three bars you see on your left to see the collaborators, recent posts and other things! ;)

Every visit to this blog will thank you very much, because thanks to the community is that people can succeed with great effort, especially because this blog is an aspect to take into account in the "Effort". Each guide is made with dedication so that it does not lack any detail about it and we give the best attention to the people. ;)

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